Welcome to Beyond History, the specialists for genealogy and family research in Germany and the former Eastern provinces.


We make genealogy come alive for you.

Beyond History has been fulfilling lifelong dreams for 18 years. We find answers to questions about ancestry, unravel family mysteries and reunite families.

The search for one’s ancestors is of great importance to many people. Beyond History helps you to uncover the treasure of your own family history.

We conduct research in original documents in regional and national archives, libraries, churches and state agencies - anywhere in Germany and the former Eastern provinces. On request we can also assist you with research in all of Europe, the USA, Australia as well as even worldwide.

Your family’s history – a part of your identity.

Whether you are looking for a special, unique and most of all lasting present or you have very personal reasons: From a detailed family chronicle covering centuries up to specific information about an individual: The expert team at Beyond History researches, finds and analyzes the official sources of your personal family history - professional, extensive and with great care.

Just contact us. With Beyond History you open your own personal chapter of German history.