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Tracing your family heritage is one of the most exciting, perhaps even life-changing projects out there. This is because researching family history not only means traveling back to special moments and connecting with living relatives. It also involves finding out about your ancestors and the social and historical events that have shaped us just as much as our own experience has. 

We are one of the leading German genealogy research companies and are happy to be by your side on your journey back to your roots. Our more than 20 years of experience in ancestry research and probate research; our highly qualified multilingual team; our global network of historians, fellow genealogists, translators, notaries, lawyers, and other experts; and most of all our boundless curiosity and love of genealogy research — all these factors combine to make us your ideal partner in family history and probate research. 

So welcome to Beyond History — let’s discover your ancestry together.


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German genealogy and family research: Ancestor research in Germany has grown ever more challenging — both due to historical events such as wars, emigration, and displacement, and due to increasing globalization and the associated changes in household and family structures. The sources and methods available to amateur researchers are simply no longer enough. We use original documents and research in regional and national archives, libraries, churches and state institutions across Germany including former East Germany, and even internationally if required.

Probate research: A valid will is available in only 25% of all inheritance cases — and laws can be extremely strict when it comes to proving an inheritance claim. This is where we as professional probate researchers come in. Whether for national or international law firms, executors, notaries, other probate companies, or heirs themselves: We help with research for inheritance cases or probate.

Citizenship: You want to apply for German citizenship because of your German ancestry? Applications for citizenship in Germany often involve considerable bureaucratic leg work. The best way to submit a German citizenship application: Discuss your particular situation with your local German embassy or consulate, and then let us procure the required documents here in Germany. We are happy to help.

Emigration: Since the end of the seventeenth century, many millions of people have left Europe for good. Maybe your family has a similar story? We can discover thrilling details about your ancestors, distant relatives, and your own family history. We know from decades of experience that each emigration event is a thrilling tale with fascinating protagonists. Let us find out about your unique story.


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Ancestry research, or genealogy, is a fascinating profession with no barriers to entry. Unfortunately, this means our industry has a few black sheep. Reputable professional genealogists can be identified by looking at their résumé, clients, publications and lectures, language skills, partner networks, and geographical and historical expertise. Why we are telling you all this? Because for each of these criteria, we can offer you established credentials, examples, and references. Please contact us for more information.


Beyond History at a glance:

  • Over 20 years of professional success
  • Approximately 1 700 German and international clients
  • 2 000 research projects so far
  • Highly qualified multilingual team of experts
  • Global network of credentialed historians, genealogists, and partners
  • Numerous publications
  • Numerous appearances on television and radio
  • Popular keynote speakers at events and conferences (internationally)
  • Fast responses to inquiries